Shin Angyo Onshi-The Story

oooooIn the alternate universe where Jushin was a great empire, everybody lived together peacefully. However, after the emperor was assassinated, Jushin disintegrated and the turmoil followed suit. While the emperor was alive he had created a group of special agents called Angyo Onshi.(or Amen Osa in Mongolian) The Angyo Onshi carries a sign of Mahai and has the right to punish the corrupt officials without order. Munsu is the most powerful Angyo Onshi. (because he has 3 carved horses on his Mahai, the lesser ranks of Angyo Onshi have just 1 or 2 horses) He wanders around the chaotic Jushin and tries to set things to right although the methods he devises seem cruel and heartless at times. By the power of Mahai Munsu can govern a troop of Phantom Soldiers which are warrior spirits from the other world at will, but he also has an actual bodyguard called Sando who is a formidable fighter. Along this journey Munsu is also trying to find an old friend-turn-enemy named Ajite as well as seeking revenge for the dead emperor. This is a beautiful epic of adventure, gunpowder, sword and trickery. This story is serialized in Sunday GX magazine and I'm sure it's going to be a long-running series!(which is great! ^0^)

The powerful Angyo Onshi and his bodyguard, Sando
Shin Angyo Onshi is © 2001-2003 by Youn in-wan, Yang kyung-il and Sunday GX Comics.
oooooYoun sensei’s footnote at the end of each chapter shows that he’d done a thorough research on the obscure Korean folklore and history before writing up this story.(BTW this isn’t an allegorical manga, nothing in it is to be compared with the actual tales or persons--Youn sensei says this himself!) The art is beyond praise, Yang sensei had done the celebrated manga Island and Zombie Hunter before and his artwork just never ceases to impress. In fact it’s getting even better! The atmosphere in Shin Angyo Onshi isn’t as dark and suspicious as his former two manga, but the sense of mystery and charm is there. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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