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Shin Angyo Onshi-The Authors
YounName : Youn In-wan
Born: 27 July
Blood Type : O
Responsible for : Script writing
Debut work : Déjà vu in Weekly Shonen Jump
Other works : Island, Shin Angyo Onshi
Interest : surfing, diving, listening to a girl band “S.E.S”
Future dream ; to become a surfer

yangName : Yang Kyung-il
Born : 26 March
Blood Type : O
Responsible for : drawing
Debut work : Oma Shinwa Senki in Weekly Shonen Jump
Other works : Island, Zombie Hunter, Shin Angyo Onshi
Interest : cooking, watching movies
Future dream : to become a fastfood restaurant’s manager

Shin Angyo Onshi is © 2001-2003 by Youn in-wan, Yang kyung-il & Sunday GX Comics.

Some interesting facts
  • Youn and Yang have know each other since high school where Youn is a kohai or junior to Yang.
  • They began creating manga together since high school.
  • Youn sensei doesn’t like kimchi which is a well-known Korean pickles at all,(guess it’s the same thing with some Japanese who don’t like nutto) but he had to eat it once to impress the Japanese editors.
  • Yang sensei's voice is small and high pitched like a girl.
  • When Yang and Youn sensei have to go to Japan, they always stay at the Korean hotel in Shinjuku because it’s free for them.
  • Both Yang and Youn sensei don’t like to have their picture taken for the fans because they want their work to be remembered more than their faces.
  • Yang and Youn sensei can’t speak Japanese at all, but Youn sensei is learning it from the letters from the Japanese fans and a tutor.(btw, their manga are always translated from Korean)
  • Yang sensei is recently very addicted to the RPG game VF 4 and his favorite role is Sarah Brian.
  • Most of their assistants are female.
  • Youn sensei is quite afraid of cockroaches.

More will be added later as I acquire more information. Hopefully from this list you’ll learn more about both of the talented creators of Shin Angyo Onshi!^_^

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